Baby Steps Parenting is a youth-led parenting program that creatively empowers marginalized parents, 30 years and under, through various initiatives with the skills on how to take an active role in their child and family’s healthy development. We create a safe space for parents to come and share a great experience.



Our aim to enhance parent’s skills, living in marginalized communities, with the understanding of their child’s development, in order to promote pro-social parent-child interactions and to take an active role in their child’s healthy development.




Ohemaa Boateng hopes to improve healthy parent-child relationships. With a background in Psychology, Early Childhood Education, and Criminology she decided to funnel information she felt privy to, from school, to parents in marginalized communities. She created Baby Steps Parenting, as a social door when opened provides opportunities to connect with your child by creating an ever-lasting bond through channels such as storytelling and activities. Baby Steps Parenting is umbrella to programs like the ‘Turn the Page’, where mothers create their own book inspired by their children with the help of the BSP team and the ‘Baby Steps Fitness’, where families invest in their health and wellness by engaging in workshops and cardio classes together. Now, she support incarcerated parents to help strengthen a healthy relationship with their child. Ohemaa is excited to give parents the opportunity to take the baby steps needed to build positive relationships with their child!

"Bold Steps To Brilliance"


Call Us: 416-553-1005 /   info@babystepsparenting.org   /  Lawrence Heights, Toronto, ON

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