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Frequently Asked Questions


How old are the children your work with?

Our amazing team enjoys working with children from 6 months old to 17 years old.


How would I know how many childcare workers I would need for my event?

We staff at least one on-site manager and child care worker. To ensure the highest quality of care we supply staff who went through extensive screening and we maintain our ratios according to the Day Nursery Act regulations as stated below:


1 child care staff : 1 infant

1 child care staff : 2 toddlers

1 child care staff : 4 preschoolers

1 child care staff : 8 school-agers

1 child care staff : 10 teenagers


The minimum number of staff provide depends on the number of children in attendance. There is also a 3-Hour Minimum policy.

What does a typical program consist of?

Every program is will be different and in many cases can be customized based on the event and the children's interests.


However, you and your child can expect a station set up for story time, dance, arts, and craft, board games, active play, cards, group challenges etc.

What happens when more children than expected show up?

Predicting the exact amount of children that will attend can be challenging. So, for cases where there more children need childcare than anticipated your options are:


(1) We will try to provide with additional child care staff to accommodate the increased number of children in the program and charge you for the added staff member(s)


(2) limit the number of children in the program to what was expected


(3) If we are unable to provide you, additional staff, there will be an Additional Staff Fee

How can I register for child care?

You must register child care prior to your event. You can register over the phone at 416-553-1005 or online clicking the "Event Childcare" tab then "Childcare Registration".


Please take some time to review the "What To Expect" page and this page "Frequently Asked Questions" prior to the event.


Signing in your child takes place at the event to confirm who is in attendance and how many.