10 Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Halloween Costume

10 Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Halloween Costume

Not sure what to look for when picking the right costume for Halloween fun? Keep in mind these 10 tips.

1. Get an Early Start

Start as soon as you can, especially if your family is planning on making their own costume or the accessories are hard to find. Giving yourself extra time allows you and the kids to make sure the costume fits correctly and the colours are flattering. If not, you still have enough time to troubleshoot, exchange, or return the costume.

2. Read the Packaging

As the little ones go out to trick or treat, you will find candle-lit Jack-O-Lanterns everywhere, just to play into the spooky Halloween mood. So fire safety is essential. Read the labels to determine if the costume and accessories have flame retardant. Look for the words “flame retardant” or “flame resistant” on the product’s label, which really means it burns at a slow rate in case the costumes were to ignite.

Also, if your little ones are sensitive to certain fibers, stick to breathable fibers and something lightweight like cotton.

3. Budget Yourself

Halloween costumes can get a bit pricey and fast. So, before you get too excited over your kid’s custom-made costume, accessories and Halloween makeup, make a realistic budget for the family. If you are planning to go all out consider how much you would want to spend on clothing, wigs, footwear, jewelry, make-up and other accessories. Look out for deals and shop around for discounts. Saving a few bucks here and there can definitely help you keep you on track with your budget and put the money right back into your pocket (where it belongs!).

4. Wear the Right Size

Your little ones should be able to move around freely in their costume and quickly if necessary. Avoid creating costumes where their feet or arms may feel trapped. Common trip hazards like long sashes, flapping outfits, waving veils, and oversized costumes.

5. Avoid Appropriating Cultures

Don’t ruin a fun and exciting night by wearing or even dressing your children in offensive Halloween costumes. Seriously, it is insensitive and tasteless. Wearing a costume that depicts other people’s culture and races not of your own should be a complete no go. Still unsure what’s off limits and what isn’t, remember, fictional characters, historical figures, celebrities, occupations, and monsters are just cool. So, how do you depict people who are not of the same race or culture as you? Respectfully, depict this person without changing your physical features, especially your skin colour. Educate yourself and your kids about these costumes, be kind and have fun dressing up for Halloween.

6. Dress for the Weather

The costumes may be cute and fun but many of them have children baring a lot of skin. Considering the time of day trick-or-treating happens, it is most likely to be chilly on a fall evening. So, check out the weather channel and add a few layers under the costume, if necessary.

7. Choose Comfortable Shoes

Yes, we know Cinderella has beautifully glittered up heels, but after a few quick steps, she lost one of them. Besides, no one wants to really walk door-to-door in a pair of heels up and down the street for hours. Try low to flat, well-fitting heels to get more pep in your kid’s step. Or bedazzle a pair of Crocs or runners and sprinkle dashes of glitter for that perfect princess shine

8. Choose the Right Mask

Does your kid’s costume come with a mask? Find a mask that fits securely. Avoid choosing a loose-fitting mask because they can slip off, block your child’s vision and obstruct their vision. Before purchasing the mask, do the vision test. Hold fingers out on the side of your child’s face. If your child can correctly say the number of fingers you are holding out, then their peripheral vision is not blocked. Some inexpensive masks have openings that are small for the eyes to clearly see through them. Pick a mask that has large eye openings with a full range of vision for your children.

9. Try it On

Whether you bought in-store, online, or is a hand-me-down from past Halloween adventures, take it out of the packaging and try in on. Ideally, you would want to try it on before purchasing it, but in cases where that is not an option, do not assume the costume will fit seamlessly. Take it out, try it on, before Halloween night, so if there are any issues with the fit or damaged in any way, you may have time to exchange or return it. Plus, if you and the children have a dress rehearsal, will have a good sense of your mobility and comfort with the costume on.

10. Be Creative

Make it a family project to create their own costume. Not only will you save more than a few bucks, but your children will stand out as an original. Put together funky wigs, a make-up kit, cool accessories and just for fun add a cape. Or reuse and re-purpose outfits for dress up. If that is too much of a challenge, take your purchased costume and switch up the accessories. It’s that time of the year when it is done right, dress-up is socially fun and exciting for the whole community. So, have fun with it.

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