Fun Online Interactive Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

Kids can be hard to please. Luckily, there’s a variety of fun and educational online resources that will keep kids entertained if they’re stuck inside the house. Online resources can be in the form of games, activities, drawing lessons, exercise videos and educational videos. These are also a great way for parents to relax while their kids are learning about relevant subject matter in an engaging way. Here are some online resources that your kids will love during those rainy days.

Online Music Lessons

Online music lessons are a fun way for kids to learn a new instrument by watching a YouTube video. Kids can also learn how to read sheet music and how to follow beats and rhythms. This also gives them the chance to learn what type of music they like to play and listen to. There are also a variety of apps and programs that kids can download on their phones and tablets, making access to music resources easy and user-friendly. If your child doesn’t have an instrument, they can also play a variety of music-related games.

Online Drawing Tutorials

With how fast technology has grown, learning to draw or paint is now easier than ever for kids. Most art-related videos have simple and clear instructions that kids can follow along to, all while learning about educational aspects of art, such as shapes, shading and perspective. Kids love to get creative with drawing or painting animals, cartoons and buildings, so this is a great way to keep them entertained for hours. There are also videos that vary in skill level, so your children can continuously challenge themselves.

YouTube Exercise Videos

If your child is the energetic type, he/she will love to watch exercise videos on YouTube. These videos often involve fun music, choreography and animal cartoons. A variety of jumping, stretching and exercise games are also incorporated in the videos, so your child can stay fit and active, even if it’s raining or snowing outside. Most videos are also at least 20 minutes long, so your child can stay entertained for a prolonged period of time.

Educational Apps and Activities

Learning about math and science can be boring in a school setting, but with the help of fun and colourful game applications, kids can enthusiastically enhance their skills in almost any school subject. Most games can be found online and are free of charge, making these easy to access for both parents and children. Online games also include fun cartoons and interactive environments that will educate your child on relevant school subject matter.

Earth Science Jr. also features several experiments to keep your budding scientists engaged. With just a few household items, you and your kids can make a glass of lava. The safe instructions will sure to get your little experimenters bubbling with excitement.

National Geographic Kids

Do your kids love animals? If so, they will love learning about animals and their environments in a fun and educational way. National Geographic Kids can be accessed either through your local cable provider or via their homepage. Several resources are also available online such as videos, games, easy-to-read animal content and funny animal pictures. Your kids can also choose to learn about either their favorite types of animals or new animals through several different categories. This allows your child to broaden their knowledge of animals and the world we live in.

Don’t let rain or snow stop your child from learning a new hobby or skill in a fun and interactive way. Technology has grown in a rapid manner, providing a wide array of resources that you or your child can easily access via a television set, computer, smartphone or a tablet. Through a variety of online videos, pictures and games, your child can learn about anything they want in an educational manner.

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