Don't Stress...We Got This!

Leave the child care planning to us!

Let us put your mind at ease and allow us to create a memorable experience for the children. We know, kids are not the easiest to impress, but with our trained childcare professionals and safety as our priority, you can trust your child is in capable hands.

Prior to Your Event


Review the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Register for childcare online. Once completed, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Book a room or space near the event that we can work out from.

The Day of Your Event

You will receive an email confirmation of the on-site staff's names with a brief bio about who they are. 


Baby Steps Childcare programs usually occur in space near as your event.


Once you sign in, we will ensure we adhere to the adult-to-child ratio and provide age-appropriate materials, games, toys, and activities.


Catered boxed lunch will be provided upon request


Feel free to stop by and check in on your child. 

What Can You Do?

You are welcome to meet and talk to our on-site staff before you go or during slow times.


If you have a question, special request, concern, or you’re just curious about something, feel free to call the Baby Steps Childcare office at 416-553-1005 or email us at Ohemaa, who will be coordinating your event will get back to you as soon as possible.


Remember to bring your little one has a special blanket, special toy, diaper bag, pacifier etc. We want your child to have a good time, so anything that will help facilitate that don't leave it at home! We will label your child's items when you arrive.


Prepare your children for the day. Let them know they won't be with you but will be having just as much fun. 


Shortly after your event, you will receive a survey asking for your feedback on your experience. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our ability to better serve you and future clients.


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